PYO - Terms and Conditions

Please Note when you send the design:

Orders going to be send to the printer every month on 15th.
Processing time is 3-4 weeks during Christmas season depending of the fabric choice and length.

1. In the first step, choose what type of fabric you would like to order. Depending on the selected type, the waiting time for printing varies dependent on production load.

2. We are approaching the end, in this step choose how many meters of the fabric you need. You can choose from 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m and 95m, and a multiple of this number. Of course the more meters of one pattern, the cheaper. 

3. Upload your design and leave a note with your details with it.

  • When you upload your design make sure that is a seamless artwork. Design on a scale of 1:1. The maximum file size is 2GB
  • Use RGB Adobe 1998 color
  • Always design at 300 dpi per inch
  • File format need to be any of this: jpeg, ai, psd, tiff


4 .The colours on printed fabrics are likely to look slightly different on screen then printed on fabric. It's due to various monitor settings. Colours may also differ on different fabric bases. Colours of each batch of printed fabric may differ. 

5. The printed fabrics might have some defect, missing print, small hole next selvedge. 

6. Fabric shrinkage may accurate +-5% and if that is less than 5% we cannot offer any refund. 

7. We cannot take any responsibilities for any infringement of any patent, copyright, licenced, or trademark of any 3rd party. We reserve the right to refuse printing any offensive images.

8. Costume print order cannot be cancel, return and we don't offer refund for these order.